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Ukrainian Refugee Update
March 26th, 2022

Dear Friends and Partners,

     Just another quick update on Camp of the Good Shepherd’s refugee efforts.  We have received more families this week and have a total now of 25 persons. 

     Each person has a unique story but their common experience is escaping with their lives from the war.  Each adult had to make the choice to run to the un-known.  None of them knew where they would land, they only knew they wanted to save their children.  They have arrived to us in 3 different groups on 3 different days.  They all arrived completely exhausted.  They all have been welcomed to the safety and refuge of camp and are so very thankful and aware of God’s provision for them. 


     Here are a few of their stories with more to come:

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Their Stories

Anatoley family of 5.JPG

The eldest man is Mr. Anatoley.  Mr. Anatoley and his wife, daughter, and 2 grandsons decided to leave after their neighbor’s apartment was bombed.  He showed me the destruction, shrapnel and the bomb pieces.  They grabbed what they could carry and got on buses headed towards the border.  One of the boys carried his beloved guitar – his most precious possession all of the way.  After 3 days of travel, they landed at Camp of the Good Shepherd.  They are catching their breath, they are relieved to be safe and in such a wonderful place.  Their son-in-law (their daughter’s husband and the boys father) had to stay.  As with all of our families – their phones are life-lines to keep contact and ease worried hearts.  Mr. Anatoley and his wife Valentina – have invited me to their city in Ukraine in July of 2023 to celebrate their 50th anniversary! 

     Today was a beautiful day at camp, the sun was warm.  I had the opportunity to bring a wonderful translator to camp to share my personal testimony and the story of Camp of the Good Shepherd.  They are so conscious of YOUR generosity, your care for them from a world away.  They give thanks to the Lord for where He has brought them, they give thanks to the Lord for YOU…it is humbling to serve them and to receive their praise and find the words to pass that on to you my dear friends and partners.  They are now a part of ‘our’ story, of Heart of Hope’s story.  Between them they share an experience we can only look at from the outside, but the Lord has allowed us to be a part of. 

     It is late Saturday night as I write to you.  I will be up again early as we drive them to church.  One lady in particular is on my heart; that is not pictured here.  As we talked…she said she couldn’t remember when she prayed last, if ever, until the war started.  She hugged me so tight today…I know the Lord is working.  She, along with everyone, is so excited and eager to go to church!

     We appreciate your prayers so greatly for all,  Debbie

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Camp of the Good Shepherd's 

Refugee Response


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