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where it all began

HHMI started in January of 1991. Debbie Marshall and Chuck Fox, her father, traveled to Romania to adopt a child for Debbie and her husband Dan. They immediately recognized there was far more to do than the adoption of one child. The dire needs of the children and entire families tore their hearts open. Debbie was successful in adopting, but that was only the beginning of what now has been a twenty-one year journey. HHMI is registered in Romania as the non-profit corporate Fundatia, "Heart of Hope" and fully registered in the United States as a 501(C)3 non-profit as "Heart of Hope Ministries International.

Through the decade of the 90s, HHMI focused on the critical needs of the thousands of children in government placement centers through the distribution of food, medicine, and clothing. In addition, HHMI facilitated dental, therapy, optometry as well as construction and renovation teams. HHMI established a spitirual ministry program led by Romanian nationals to address the spiritual needs of children in placement centers and impoverished rural communities.

Currently, our ministry:




- Operates the Camp of the Good Shepherd

- Runs the Home of Hope transition home for young women

- Facilitates dental, medical, eye, and pediatric therapy teams

- Supports Weekly Bible Clubs

- Distributes humanitarian aid to state placement centers and families in impoverished      communities

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