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medical and humanitarian aid

There was a massive and rapid response to the orphan crisis in Romania when communism fell in 1989. Once the initial media attention was withdrawn, the problem was relegated to a lower priority. Heart of Hope responded to this man-made disaster by supplying emergency relief items such as: food, medicine, medical supplies and equipment, clothing and hygiene products, which are essential for survival. The needs are still significant and continue to improve through our sustained efforts. 


Poverty and malnutrition are significant issues for the orphaned and at risk children and their families. The poverty and lack of proper food fortification contribute to malnutrition, causing physical ailments and the inability to function well in educational settings for the hungry.


we facilitate:



- Dental Teams

- Eye Clinics

- Pediatric Therapy Teams

- Educational programs



These teams offer needed services several times throughout the year to children in the Placement Centers as well as at risk children and families living below poverty level. Our Dentists, Optometrists, and Therapists offer compassionate service as they volunteer their time and expertise.

Pediatric Therapy and Dental Teams

how you can help

Help cover the cost of material supplies for these programs

Examples of materials:


- Hygiene Supplies

- Sterilization Materials

- Anesthetic Materials

- Therapy Equipment

- Medication

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