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Our hope is in the power of God working in the hearts of people.



Camp of the good shepherd

The Camp of the Good Shepherd is now in its 15th year of operation providing orphans and children in desperate need with a Christian camping experience to cherish for a lifetime.

home of hope

The Home of Hope Transition Home intercepts homeless young women being released from the State Placement Centers and disadvantaged young women from rural communities. This program prepares these young adults for successful and independent living as they mature in their relationship with Jesus Christ.


gift from the heart - easter

The Gift from the Heart Easter Program takes place each Easter season and distributes gifts and the message of the Gospel to several thousand children in State Placement Centers and in poor villages in Romania.

gift of hope - christmas

We have been providing Christmas gifts to children in 9 Placement Centers in Romania since 1997, as well as family food care packages for more than 200 families living below the poverty level.

medical and

humanitarian aid

We facilitate Dental, Optometrist, and Therapy teams, as well as educational programs that offer compassionate ministry to children in the State Placement Centers as well as impoverished families.

spiritual ministry

One of the joys of our ministry is sponsoring our Romanian national Spiritual Ministry Team. They lead a weekly Bible Club Ministry in the State Placement Centers which offers a structured, safe, and spiritually nourishing environment.

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