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Are you interested in volunteering with Heart of Hope? We have many programs offering opportunities for YOU to serve!

camp of the good shepherd

The Camp of the Good Shepherd runs about 8 weeks each summer, and camp teams volunteer their time for two weeks each! It takes months of intentional time and effort to prepare for the summer, and teams fulfill a wonderful and critical role in using the camp experience to draw children to Christ. Our teams of 8 adults are followers of Christ that work together to create a safe, compassionate, fun, structured camp experience and invest emotionally, physically, and spiritually in the children that attend.


Typically, our teams are formed through a church, Bible study group, family, or Christian college, but if you are an individual looking to join a group, don't hesitate to contact us! Our main goal is to bring team members together that love Christ, work hard, are flexible, and know that God is calling them to serve this way in Romania.



If you have served on a camp team before at the Camp of the Good Shepherd, then you are eligible to apply for a summer internship position! Interns generally serve at camp for 3-4 weeks during the summer, depending on the camp schedule and availability. Summer interns are responsible for the day to day upkeep of the camp - laundry, dishes, inventory, cleaning, etc. Most importantly, interns are support and backup for the camp teams and are an invaluable part of camp life.



pediatric therapy team

Coming soon!

dental team

Coming soon!

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