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home of hope

transition home for young women

Our new home is completed!
THANK YOU for partnering with us!

We recognize the need for additional transition homes for young women in potential crisis situations leaving the State Placement Centers and impoverished communities. Many of these identified candidates have resided their entire lives in state run centers for orphans or from family settings needing additional support or on the streets. Due to lack of education in the areas of basic life and job skills, the transition home offers a refuge to learn the most fundamental aspects of living. Additionally, they are provided the opportunity to develop a life long relationship with Christ.


A structured, safe, and spiritually nurturing environment

These young women are vulnerable to negative influences because of their life experiences. The Home of Hope Transition Home offers a structured, safe, and spiritually nurturing environment for the young women residing in our care. By comparison, the young adults leaving the Placement Centers have little or no life skills. We actively bring the Gospel to these young women with a wide reaching community based spiritual discipleship program, and help to meet physical needs through humanitarian support. These young women now have an opportunity to live up to God's intended potential for each one of them.

The Home of Hope currently provides:




-  A family setting with positive adult influences

-  A Safe and structured environment

-  Training on becoming functioning members of society

-. Access to job opportunities and University/Vocational Education

-  Encouragement towards spiritual maturity and growth in Christ

how you can help

Assist with operational costs like electricity and water
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