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“Joy to the World!”

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“Joy to the World!” As the true message of joy brought to the world through the birth of Jesus Christ was given, children in 9 different Placement Centers received Christmas gifts of a beloved nativity craft, new socks, mittens, special toys, books, fresh fruit and sweets to brighten and bring joy to their Christmas!
Gift of Hope Team Member Beverly Kropp first saw ‘Mini’, pictured at left, and Dana, pictured at right in 1999 when they were just 2 years old. Bev’s therapy team provided Mini and Dana with their first prone standers and wheelchairs. Bev’s team provided therapy to Mini and Dana for 3 years at their first Placement Center and an additional 3 times at the Placement Center where they live now, along with updated wheelchairs. The last time Bev saw Mini and Dana was in 2008. As part of the Christmas team this year Bev had a chance to reunite with Mini and Dana ~ a blessed time for all!
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Heart of Hope’s Village Food Distribution Program at Christmas and Easter is a welcome blessing for those in need. This year’s team provided food staples of rice, cornmeal, sugar, pasta, tea, margarine, bread, fresh fruit, soup base, sweets, and clothing of pants, t-shirts, socks, mittens, and warm scarves. Pictured at right below with team member, Darryl Bernhardt, a little boy came through the line with his father – he had received his warm scarf last year and it was still keeping him snuggly warm! A blessed end to 2014 for many in need.
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Heart of Hope’s New Partnership with the Dental University of Sibiu

Therapeutic Hands of Hope

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Heart of Hope has pioneered a new partnership with the Dental University of Sibiu that allows American volunteer dentists to mentor and instruct dental university students while treating children from the Placement Centers that Heart of Hope has identified and transported to the University for treatment.

Dr. Scott Packham traveled to Sibiu the first week of December to get this pilot program off the ground. In his 5 days of service Dr. Packham coached 6th year students, especially with pediatric techniques, while providing care to the children from the Orlat, Hegel, and Turnu Rosu Placement Centers.

The dental university does not have a budget for consumables that the students need to be able to practice, so the students must provide their own consumables, which for many is difficult. Dr. Packham and Heart of Hope were able to provide extra consumables for which the students and University were grateful. It was also a new experience for students to meet and work with children from Placement Centers and many were very compassionate. Dr. Packham will bring a dental team in April to continue to develop this new partnership which benefits so many! Dr. Packham also serves on the Heart of Hope Board of Directors.

As we say goodbye to 2014 we remember with grateful hearts our ‘home team’ of faithful and generous donors who gave of their resources to provide for so many in need to be embraced with the love of Christ and have suffering eased and hope restored. 2015 will see Heart of Hope continue its core commitment to ‘wrap the gospel in a sandwich’. The mission of Heart of Hope is to embrace orphans, widows, and families in desperate need with the love of Christ, ease suffering, and restore hope. We will do that this year with volunteers as young as in their teens on up to those eligible for the ‘senior discount’! Through professional compassion ministries such as dental, optometry, and pediatric therapy teams; through spiritual ministry teams at Easter, Camp of the Good Shepherd, and Christmas teams; through safe housing at Home of Hope – all will have the common purpose to reach those in true need with the eternal hope found in the Savior.

Thank you for your continued partnership and prayers as we begin this new year of ministry.

Yours in Partnership,
Debbie and Your HHMI Board of Directors

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